If the consumer requests a cancellation up to 2 days before the check-in date, there will be a free cancellation; For reservations that are not notified at the time of cancellation, a 1-night room fee will be charged.

The consumer declares that the fee will not be canceled for non-refundable reservations; In such cases, the consumer declares, accepts and undertakes that if he or she requests cancellation, it will not be valid and that he will pay the entire contract price to Kahya Hotel Ankara.

In the event of a consumer's request for a change in service, provided that this change is approved by Kahya Hotel Ankara, if there is a price difference between the previously received service and the newly requested service, the consumer must immediately pay the difference to Kahya Hotel Ankara with the acceptance of the change request.

However, if the price of the new service is lower than the price of the previous service, Kahya Hotel Ankara will refund the difference to the consumer.

The reservation cancellation request is accepted and the expenses arising from the obligatory taxes, fees and similar legal obligations are paid by the consumer, provided that he/she or his/her first-degree relatives' accommodation period, which prevents the 10-day habitual occupation, is documented with an official report to be received from the Fully Equipped State Hospital or in case of death. Except for the non-refundable costs that can be paid and documented to third parties, the price paid by the consumer is returned to him.

In this case, the report and documents will be submitted before the start of the service. If the consumer does not notify in writing that he will participate in the accommodation service that he missed the beginning of; Kahya Hotel Ankara has the right to cancel all reservations and services made on behalf of the consumer after 24 hours.

No refund will be made to the consumer for such cancellations.

The hotel accepts VISA, AMEX and MASTERCARD credit cards for payment; reserves the right to temporarily hold an amount prior to arrival.

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