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The Website User or Users, that there may be Links on the Website that allow access to another Website or content, their control or accuracy or adequacy KAHYAM TURİZM İŞL ve TİC LTD ŞTİ. and that it has nothing to do with KAHYAM TUR. İŞL ve TİC LTD ŞTİ does not support these sites in any way or does not guarantee the accuracy of the information they contain and does not have any responsibility for the content on these sites, and is responsible for any material or moral, positive or negative, and possible damage or expense that may arise due to the use of these sites. KAHYAM TUR. İŞL ve TIC LTD STI . They have accepted and declared that they are not responsible.

Website User or Users, KAHYAM TUR. There may be any text, information, comments, opinions, news, images, pictures, figures, graphics and other materials belonging to İŞL ve TİC LTD ŞTİ or a third person or organization, KAHYAM TUR.İŞL ve TİC LTD ŞTİ regarding these materials They have accepted and declared that they have the legal rights regulated by the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works and that they cannot be copied, modified, reproduced, published, sold or used or interfered with without the permission of KAHYAM TURİZM İŞL.

The information shown on the KAHYAM TUR.İŞL ve TİC LTD ŞTİ Web Site, including but not limited to fees or availability, may contain some technical inaccuracies or typographical errors or omissions. KAHYAM TUR.İŞLve TİC LTD ŞTİ's; It is not responsible for any typographical, photographic, technical or pricing errors (including but not limited to incorrect hotel charges) contained in the Website. KAHYAM TUR.İŞL ve TİC LTD ŞTİ reserves the right to make changes, corrections and / or improvements at any time, including the process after the confirmation of the reservation, in the products and programs defined in the Website and such information.

Website User or Users, before entering the Website, read the Website Terms of Use and Privacy Policy above, they will abide by all the above-mentioned issues, and in case of any dispute or dispute claim or demand regarding the issues herein, Ankara Courts and Enforcement Offices. They have irrevocably accepted, declared and committed that they will be authorized, that the contents of the Web Site and all electronic media and records belonging to KAHYAM TUR.İŞL and TİC LTD ŞTİ will be considered as definitive evidence.


Clarification Text Regarding the Processing of Personal Data

KAHYAM TUR İŞL ve TİC LTD ŞTİ. We attach importance to the security of our customers' personal data. Kahya Hotel Ankara in physical and/or electronic environment. The personal data you have shared within the scope of the company is processed and preserved in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 (“KVK Law”).

Obtaining and Processing Your Personal Data

shared by you; Name, surname, address, e-mail, phone number, ID / passport information and other personal data not limited to these, providing our customers with physical and / or electronic reservation transactions, performing payment transactions, updating their information within the framework of marketing activities regarding products and services. Your personal data that you have shared in order to send press releases or notifications via -mail and to suggest promotions and new products/Services can be saved by Kahya Hotel Ankara for a period of time/indefinitely, kept in written/magnetic archives, updated, used, shared, processed within the limits stipulated by the law. .

Permission to Share Personal Data

Your personal data that you have given your explicit consent to be shared with us, first of all, to provide the service you request and to collect its price, to provide you with various advantages and to provide you with advertisement, promotion, sales, marketing, information, promotion, campaign notification, membership transactions, frequent customer management. program, management of general record keeping, meeting legal and regulatory requirements, ensuring the safety and security of our customers/guests, staff and other visitors, conducting surveys and customer satisfaction surveys and providing services within this scope, and fulfilling our legal obligations. You have consented to the collection, recording, processing, storage, use and transfer/sharing of the messages to the third parties listed below for the same purposes by our Company. trace.

 – Authorized public institutions and organizations whose personal data are legally required to be submitted.

You can get information about other third parties to whom we transfer/share your personal data by contacting us.

This information is only in order to provide the services to be provided to you in full and on time, to deliver your possible shipments in a healthy manner, to deliver our notifications via telephone and/or e-mail in a timely manner, with whom we are in a contractual relationship, who have the same legal and technical responsibilities as us regarding data protection and security, It will be shared with third parties who comply with the provisions of the relevant legislation, only in case of need and to the required extent.

Security and Transfer of Your Personal Data and Exercising Your Rights Over Your Personal Data

  • We take reasonable precautions to ensure that information systems that contain personal data are protected against unauthorized access and unlawful data processing. All identifiable personal information is subject to restricted access to prevent unauthorized access, alteration or misuse.
  • Kahya Hotel Ankara. the personal data in question only; Based on the express consent of our customers, in order to provide value-added services, opportunities and opportunities to our customers and to increase service quality; group companies or public institutions or organizations that are authorized to request this data as required by a legal obligation.
  • You can always contact us by sending an e-mail to [email protected] in order to exercise your rights in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data on your personal data that you have shared with us in accordance with the purposes and methods of obtaining your personal data specified in this Privacy Policy and Clarification Text.

Keeping Your Personal Data Accurate and Up-to-Date

  • Our customers have accepted and declared that they know that the information they share is correct and kept up-to-date is important for them to exercise their rights on their personal data within the meaning of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data and other relevant legislation, and that they will be entirely responsible for providing false information.
  • You will be able to make relevant changes and/or updates to the personal data you have shared by contacting [email protected].

Retention Period of Personal Data

Through the channels mentioned in this Clarification Text, Kahyam Tur. İşl ve Tic Ltd Sti. The Personal Data you have shared with us will be processed in accordance with the legislation on the protection of Personal Data, especially the KVKK, and the periods required in other legislation, unless the above legitimate purposes are eliminated in any case.

Deletion, Destruction or Anonymization of Your Personal Data

  • Your personal data processed in line with the purposes described in this Privacy Policy and Clarification Text; In accordance with the Law on Protection of Personal Data, when the purpose of processing the data ceases and the periods determined by the Relevant Laws expire, it will continue to be anonymized and used by us.
  • Access to Your Personal Data and Your Rights Under KVKK
  • By applying to Kahyam Tur İşl ve Tic Ltd Şti. in accordance with article 11 of the KVKK;
  • (a) Learning whether your Personal Data is processed,
  • (b) If your Personal Data has been processed, requesting information about it,
  • (c) To learn the purpose of processing your Personal Data and whether they are used in accordance with its purpose,
  • (d) Knowing the third parties to whom your Personal Data is transferred, in the country or abroad,
  • (e) Requesting correction of your Personal Data if it is incomplete or incorrectly processed,
  • (f) To request the deletion or destruction of your Personal Data in case the reasons for processing disappear, in order to be evaluated within the principles of purpose, duration and legitimacy,
  • (g) In case of correction, deletion or destruction of your Personal Data, requesting that these transactions be notified to the third parties to whom the Personal Data has been transferred,
  • (h) Objecting to a result against you in case your processed Personal Data is analyzed exclusively through automated systems,
  • (i) Requesting the compensation of the damage in case your Personal Data is processed unlawfully and you suffer damage for this reason,
  • You have the rights.

In this context, by creating your request regarding your rights above in a way that meets the conditions determined by the Personal Data Protection Authority, by sending an e-mail from your registered e-mail address to our e-mail address given below and which may change from time to time (please send your registered e-mail address in our system). -Check your e-mail address) or with a secure electronic signature or mobile signature to our kep address or to our mail address below, which may change from time to time, with a wet-signed petition or through a notary public, and can be added to these in the future, determined by the Personal Data Protection Authority. You can send by other methods. Please confirm the current application methods from the legislation before applying. Kahya Hotel Ankara. will conclude the request free of charge as soon as possible and within 30 (thirty) days at the latest, depending on the nature of the request. Requests Yaşamak Turizm A.Ş. In the event that a separate cost arises for the conclusion of the process, the fees in the tariff determined by the Personal Data Protection Board may be requested by Kahyam Tur İşl ve Tic Ltd Şti.


Post adress : Korkut Reis Mah Yeşilırmak c ad No 14 –  Çankaya Ankara

E-mail address : [email protected]

Cap address : [email protected]


Final Judgment

Before entering the website, the User(s) must read the Website Terms of Use and Privacy/Personal Data Protection Policy above, comply with all the above-mentioned issues, and ensure that the contents of the website and all electronic media and computer records belonging to our Company are subject to the Code of Civil Procedure. They have irrevocably accepted, declared and committed that it will be considered as conclusive evidence pursuant to article 193.




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